Prescott House

The Prescott House is a child-advocacy center whose mission it is to provide services to child victims of physical and sexual abuse, severely neglected children and children who have witnessed violent crime. The Prescott House is a place where children can be interviewed and counseled in a safe, inviting environment. Forensic Interviews, mental health therapy and court education and preparation are the core services provided at Prescott House.

Forensic interviews are scheduled by law enforcement agencies or Alabama Department of Human Resources after a report of abuse is received. A forensic interview is a factual interview of the child victim conducted in a “child friendly” interview room. The interviewer is trained in forensic interviewing and age-appropriate language and development. Prescott House staff members conduct forensic interviews.

Mental health therapy is offered to each child victim interviewed at Prescott House. The therapy is provided by Prescott House staff members. This therapy helps to reduce trauma and restore lost childhoods.

Court education and preparation sessions are offered to each child victim and their families as their case progresses through the court system. These sessions help to educate the child and their families about the court system and make them as comfortable as possible.

The Prescott House is a private, non-profit organization and all services are provided to child victims and their families free of charge.

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