Restitution Recovery Unit Information for Victims

Things you should know:

The Restitution Recovery Unit only handles cases in which the defendant has been convicted of a crime. We do not handle civil court claims or domestic relation cases.

A defendant must be a total of more than 90 days past due in their court-ordered payments before the Jefferson County Clerk’s Office will turn the case over to the Restitution Recovery Unit.

The Restitution Recovery Unit will attempt to locate the defendant and make a formal demand for the money owed. Restitution Recovery will attempt to get the defendant to bring themselves into voluntary compliance with the court’s order. If necessary, Restitution Recovery will use all available civil or criminal proceedings authorized by law to enforce the court’s sentencing order for restitution.

If you are not receiving payments ordered by the Court:

When the defendant makes a restitution payment, the Clerk’s Office must ‘HOLD’ the funds for two (2) weeks before mailing restitution checks to the victims. Please be certain that the Clerk’s Office has your correct mailing address. Send your name (identify yourself as the victim), case number, and address in writing to:

Jacqueline Anderson-Smith, Circuit Clerk
801 Richard Arrington Jr, Blvd. N, Suite 901
Birmingham, AL 35203

If your case has been turned over for collections to the Restitution Recovery Unit, you may call our office at 205-325-1422. Please identify yourself as a victim of a crime. If possible, please give us the court case number and/or the defendant’s name. If you do not have that information, please make note of any other information that may be helpful for us to determine which case is your case.